Lab model

The lab model has a standard variator on grid voltage (230V) and is ideal for small grinding and mixing processes. With its variable length and the option to add extra rollers, the lab model is a machine on which multiple small grinding containers with varying diameters rotate simultaneously.




Type: R.KL.LAB.30


Main dimension: ca. 425 x 300 x 300 mm (LxBxH)

  • Roller mill with roller length of 300 mm;
  • Rollers provided with 3 mm vulcanised rubber;
  • Roller diameter 30 mm, including rubber layer;
  • Standard: one operated role and one role adjustable
  • Adjustable roller is moveable;
  • Rpm of roller drive up to approx. 550 rpm.


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  • Extra loose rollers;
  • Longer rollers of up to 450 mm in length.